BGS Continuing Education 7/28/21

Craig Posmantur Thru, July 22, 2021 We will be having the BGS Continuing Ed Program at the Sweet Home Masonic Hall on July 28, 2021 at 08:35 am for breakfast and then a presentation around 09:45 am. I'm not sure what the topic will be at this time, but it will be on Geology.

In Memoriam

Larry Wolfe - 1953- Died- May 26th 2021 - Long time member and Director of BGS. Bruce Banick - Died- May 29th, 2021 - beloved husband of Ruth Banick, member Both of these gentlemen will be missed. At meetings they both were available for questions and were helpful to other members

BGS 52nd Annual Show – March 19-20th 2022

“FOSSILS OF NEW YORK”RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 19-20, 2022,ERIE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS - HAMBURG, NYBUFFALO GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY’S52nd ANNUAL GEM-MINERAL-FOSSIL SHOW byJerry Bastedo, Show Chairman “Fossils of New York” will be featured at the Buffalo Geological Society’s 52nd Annual Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show on March 19-20, 2022, at the Erie County Fairgrounds in the Grange, Market and … Continue reading BGS 52nd Annual Show – March 19-20th 2022