The BGS Continuing Education Forum was started in 2018 to provide an additional opportunity for our members to interact in a social setting, gain exposure to short, informative topics of interest and interact informally with our Officers and Board Members.

Being held on a weekday morning opens accessibility for those that may not be able to make our regular evening meetings or would just enjoy additional interactions with other club members.

Meetings start with a breakfast at 8:35AM.  Participants often supplement our club provided traditional culinary fare by bringing a small dish to pass, leading to a morning treat of grand proportions. This is followed by a brief update from our President of topics being discussed by the Board and a short presentation or hands-on workshop starting at 9:45.

Previous Workshops

  • Polishing Petoskey Stones
  • Beading
  • Viewing Fossil Epizoan under a microscope

Previous Presentations

  • Fossil Worm burrows from Grand Island
  • Fluorescent Minerals of Franklin New Jersey
  • Operations and Fossils of the Middleport Quarry
  • Eurypterids of Ridgemont Quarry, Ontario

Previous Fieldtrips

  • 18 Mile Creek
  • Smoke Creek
  • Kayaking Trip
  • SRAC Museum – Waverly, New York

Upcoming Fieldtrips

  • Paleontological Research Institute (PRI) – 10/28/2021


Sweet Home Masonic Temple
641 Sweet Home Road
Amherst, NY. 14226