Here is the list of Field Trips for the 2018 summer season. All of these field trips are open to Buffalo Geological Society members; don’t forget to bring your membership card!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 15-17: National Limestone Quarry, Mount Pleasant Mills, PA:

The quarry is located at 217 Quarry Rd, Mount Pleasant Mills, PA. The quarry entrance is just south of the intersection of Millrace Rd. and Heister Valley Rd. Arrive at 8:30 for safety/inspirational talk, we will enter the quarry at 9 AM. Supervised children are permitted.

Hard hats, steel toed shoes, eye protection, and long pants are required. Gloves are recommended. Gas powered saws and equipment are allowed. Insect repellent and sunscreen is suggested.

Late arrivals are permitted but you must sign in. You may leave at any time. We may stay all day. Bring drinks and food. Please bring a mineral or fossil specimen to donate to the quarry manager who is also a rock collector.

Sledge hammers, rock hammers, chisels, pry bars, shovels, pick axe, spades, etc are recommended as this is hard rock breaking. Do not bring carpenter hammers as they can shatter. We will drive into the quarry. We will be digging in both an operating quarry and in the woods behind the quarry (access to the operating quarry will depend on their work schedule and may not occur until late Friday or Saturday). Excellent Wavellite is found in the woods behind the quarry. Digging in the woods also requires pick and shovel work. We are working here two days to dig deeper into the wavellite layer in hopes of finding some nicer quality specimens.

Bring plenty of water and food and perhaps sunshade such as beach umbrella or tarp. Sometimes an excavator is available for an extra fee (usually $10 to $20 per person).

We will also visit their Middleburg, PA quarry on Saturday morning as they are supposedly in a lower pit with more calcite crystals.

Motels in Selinsgrove or Shamokin Dam, PA may be difficult to find as this is also Susquehanna University Open House. Suggest looking in Lewisburg or even Williamsport for vacancies.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 27-29: North Country trip to Gouverneur, NY including Valentine Mine for blue marble, Pitcairn, NY for diopside, scapolite, etc, and Powers Farm for black tourmaline – to be confirmed.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Aug. 17-19: Eganville, Ontario:

Miller Property Apatite, Titanite, Feldspar, Mica, Amazonite, etc dig with possible stops at Tatlock marble quarry for pyrite on Friday and maybe Tweed Amazonite pegmatite (Thursday afternoon). If we can hire Mr. Miller to excavate, there may also be a per person fee (depending on attendance).