There will be a Buffalo Geological Society field trip to Ridgemount Quarry, Ft. Erie, Ontario on Friday, May 18 at 9am to collect eurypterids from the Silurian Bertie Dolostone. Participants must be members of the BGS.

The trip is open to those 18 and over and participants must wear hard hats, safety glasses and steel toed shoes. Dress for the weather and the trip will run rain or shine and if it snows bring your brooms!
In addition to eurypterids, there have been horseshoe crabs, cephalopods, plant remains, and other critters collected form this site. The rock is very hard and you want to bring a crack hammer, sledge, chisels, pry bars, small broom, water, and lots of energy. This site has yielded thousands of interesting specimens, but does require 90% luck and 10% skill. There will be experts available to inform you of the best techniques and approach to working in this hard rock.
Reservations and questions can be made with Jerry Bastedo at (716) 864-2701 or We will meet promptly at the weigh station at the entrance to the quarry.
The eurypterid in the featured image was collected by Wayne Davey in 2017.