Our latest press release includes our schedule of lectures, presented by club members, professional geologists, and student guests. Further details and the full press release can be found below:

Saturday, March 24, 2018
11 am – Endobionts in Pleurodictyum and 3-d scanning, by Nathan Peters
1 pm – Pyrite Disease, by Miriam Eastham
2 pm – Fluorescent Minerals, by Dino Zack
3 pm – So you want to be a Geologist?, by Joe Butch

Sunday, March 25, 2018
11 am – Dinosaur Excavations in South Dakota, by Glen Laplaca
1 pm – WNY 2018 Science Congress Winner(s) in Earth Science, by Jr & Sr High School students
2 pm – Gold : A discussion on the history, collection sites, and more, by Marcia Binda
3 pm – Geology of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by Jon Nickerson

Gold, Apollo 15 Moon Rock, And Lectures To Be Featured At Buffalo Geological Society’s 50th Annual Gem-Mineral-Fossil Show