Upcoming Buffalo Geological Society Field Trips – 2015

Upcoming Buffalo Geological Field Trips. Note that you will need a hard hat, steel toed shoes, protective eye wear, long pants and be a Member ($15 for individuals, $20 for families).

Field Trips for 2015

September 19 -Aecon Quarry, Marmora, Ontario Canada. 6426 Regional Road 14, Marmora. Meet at 8:30am, enter at 9am and dig to 3pm. Must be $18. $10 Canadian. No saws. Must pre-register with Don Lapham.

October 10-11 – Walworth Quarry Fall Open House. Arrival at 6:15AM and safety talk at 7AM. Dig till 3pm on Saturday and 11AM on Sunday. Hard hats, steel toed shoes, etc. required. Gas saws permitted. Fluorite, dolomite, calcite, sphalerite, celestite and Selenite. Quarry is located at corner of Atlantic Avenue and Tiffany Road, Walworth (Macedon), NY.

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