Super Digg for Fluorescents -April 29, 2017- Franklin, New Jersey

The Super Digg for fluorescent minerals is April 29, 2017 from 9am to 11pm in Franklin, New Jersey- which is a different location than previously. It is adjacent to the Franklin Mineral Museum at 32 Evans Street, Franklin, NJ.

They have made lots of changes this year so make sure you check out the link above.

The Super Digg in the Mill and Buckwheat area is $50 it is limited to 75 people per session and there will be three 3-hour sessions each day. They are also charging $3 a pound in CASH for this area. If you don’t want to do that you can hunt in the Buckwheat area only which is  $25.

All collectors must carry liability insurance such as the insurance offered by the EFMLS to its affiliate clubs (like BGS). If this applies to you, bring a club newsletter showing the Super Digg as a field trip. You must also show a photo ID at registration.  You can register online through April 25, otherwise you will have to register on site and it will cost you $5 more. You can register online without showing proof of insurance but you MUST be able to show insurance proof when you check in.

Collectors are excited because the Mill Dump material is from the Palmer Mine Mill in Franklin from the famous Parker shaft.  It has not be accessed in 20 years.





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