LaFarge Quarry Open House – August 6, 2016- Lockport NY

LaFarge Quarry Open House is August 6 from 10am to 2pm at 400 Hinman Road. FREE. Visitors will be taken by bus to view the quarry and blasting sites. Great fun.

Also, here is excerpts from the Buffalo News Article. Read the entire article.

The existing quarry yields 1.5 million to 2 million tons of stone a year, but only about a two years’ supply is left, according to operations director Tony Distefano. That estimate includes the so-called Murphy property: 9.1 acres on the north side of Hinman Road, for which the City of Lockport granted mining permission earlier this year.

The existing quarry, which has been in business for more than 70 years, originally was known as Frontier Stone, but it was sold and resold a few times. Lafarge took over the 300-acre property when it acquired Redlands Quarry in 1997. The latter name still is being used by Lafarge in its filings with the DEC.

The new quarry may last as long as 50 years, Galdenzi said. Distefano said about two years after it’s open, the primary stone crusher will be shifted to the new site, but a covered conveyor will be built over the road to move the stone to the processing equipment at the old quarry.

Although asphalt is the main product made from stone at Lafarge’s quarry, the quarry has other uses. Last week, trailers were hauling giant boulders away for use in a breakwall project in Buffalo’s Outer Harbor.

A driver secures some large rocks destined for use in a breakwall project in Buffalo’s Outer Harbor.

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