Fluorite is a beautiful mineral because of its color and clarity and is found in clear, brown, green, and purple, blue, yellow, and even white and black colors. It can also be made into  beautiful jewelry and carvings.

Locally, it has been found in Walworth, Dundas and Penfield quarries and is generally clear or brown but has on occasion been found in green and light blue.

Fluorite  can offer perfect cleavage parallel to the octahedral faces and can be often peeled off to a perfect octahedron.It is the only mineral has that four directions of perfect cleavage.

It also can fluoresce and the word “fluorescent” is derived from the mineral fluorite. It was named in 1797 by Carlo Napione from the Latin, fluere-to flow for its use as a flux. Most specimens produce a blue-purple glow under short or long wave light with a few cream or white. Most specimens do not fluoresce.

Fluorite is composed of calcium and fluorine – CaF2- and is used in chemical metallurgical and ceramic processes.

From a metaphysical perspective it provides protection and peace and helps eliminate negative energy and creates mental clarity.

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