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Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip – June 3-4, 2017- Marmora, Ontario, Canada

Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Marmora is June 3-4. June 3- areas around Marmora. June 4- Aecon Quarry.

Sat. June 3, 2017- Byers Quarry, Tweed, Ontario – 9am Start. Expect to find blue marble and Amazonite Pegmatite blocks. Later in day – to McCoy’s Narrows pegmatite for black tourmaline, pink feldspar and white quartz.

Sun. June 4, 2017: Aecon Quarry, Marmora, Ontario, Canada Dig.

  • Limited to 24 attendees.
  • 16 years of age or older.
  • Must preregister with Don Lapham ( ).
  • Access will be 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please meet at the Mine entrance at 8:30 AM. No late arrivals. There will be a check in check out system.
  • Hard Hats, Steel toed boots (covering above the ankle), eye protection, and orange, green or yellow reflective safety vests are required. Gloves are also highly recommended. Don Lapham has now been certified in First Aid/CPR/AED but if you have similar certification, please bring it with you to support.
  • Pants must extend to the ankles covering both legs. LONG PANTS ONLY.
  • A completed roster is to be submitted ahead of time and will be cross referenced to the waiver that is required to be signed upon entering the site on the day of the visit.
  • Photo ID will be required as confirmation of attendance.
  • Each member may be asked to provide proof of current BGS membership (please contact Don Lapham if you do not have your Buffalo Club membership card)
  • The use of power tools & micro-blasters is NOT permitted.
  • Aecon allows the collection of specimens in accordance with the generally accepted procedures and practice of Hobby Mineral Collecting only. Acceptable uses for samples collected are for display and exchange only. Aecon is committed to education and will deny access to those who sell specimens for a profit.
  • No trailers or excessive quantities of minerals will be allowed to be collected.
  • As a thank you to Aecon for the privilege of collecting and taking material from this site an entry donation (CN$10 per collector) shall be collected. A check (made payable to the Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club) for the total amount of each visit donation shall be sent to the Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club Museum.
  • Bring drinks and lunch. All garbage generated during the visit must be removed from the site.
  • You may also leave the site to get food but must return before end time to check out.
  • Expect to find a plethora of minerals including: garnet, epidote, pyrite, quartz, calcite, magnetite, etc.

Suggest staying at the Moonlight Motel in Havelock or chain motels in Belleville, Ontario the night before.

Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Fossil Collect in Lockport, NY on June 10, 2017

Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Lockport, NY on June 10 at 8:30am to collect fossils in the Rochester Shale. Excellent trip for children.Bring hammers, chisels and collecting bag.

Meet at the Tim Horton’s on Transit Road across from Tops on the south side of Lockport

To register and get directions call Jerry Bastedo at 716-864-2701 or email

2017 Penn Dixie Events – Blasdell, New York

2017 Penn Dixie Events feature talks, fossil and astronomy programs. Penn Dixie site is at 4050 North Street, Blasdell, NY. Penn Dixie offers the opportunity to collect fossils plus there are astronomy, birding, cross country skiing and other events.


Fossil Collecting– Adults $ 9, Children 3-12 – $7, children 2 and under are free. Open in Spring.

Penn Dixie Talks

Held at Gateway Executive Office Building, 3556 Lake Shore Road, Blasdell. $5, FREE for members.

January 18 at 7pm – Controversial Issues in Science presented by Don Duggan-Haas.  Climate change, fracturing.

February 16-7pm – Early Buffalo and the Erie Canal  by Megan MacNeill.

March 15 – 7pm – Buffalo Zoomobile presents Endangered Species-This program defines what threatened, endangered, extirpated and extinct species are.  It also shows a cross-section of animals on the endangered species list, the reasons they are in danger, and preventative measures

May 26 – 7pm -Trilobite Treasures by Paleo Joe Kchodl

Other Programs

April 22 – 10am to 2pm – Earth Day– annual cleanup of Penn Dixie- FREE to those who help. Call 627-4560 to register. Pizza provided.

May 27 – 29 (three days this year- Monday if there is enough interest) – Dig with the Experts – 9am to 4pm. Members 425, non-members $30. Weekend Pass for Saturday and Sunday – members $30, non-members $40. Note Paleo Joe speaks the evening beforehand.

Astronomy Nights- $4, free for members

March 18 – Winter Constellations

April 29- Jupiter and Spring Constellations

Buffalo Geological Society Live Auction – Date Change from June 3 to June 10, 2016- Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Geological Society Live Auction date has been changed from June 3 to June 10  at 7:30pm at the Parkside Lutheran Church at Depew and Wallace Streets, Buffalo. There is a kids auction table with FANTASTIC deals for kids that are into rock collecting or want to be. GREAT FUN for EVERYONE!

You are allowed to have SEVEN (vs. previously four)  items up for auction and you will get ALL the proceeds from the items. Sign in the master sheet, get auction slips and take to front table for display and to be auctioned.

6:30pm – Auction  Set-Up

7pm – Viewing of Items

7:30pm – Auction Begins

Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Aecon Quarry, Ontario – June 4, 2016

The Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Aecon Quarry, Marmora, Ontario is June 4 . You must be a member to go on the field trip and it is for those age 16+.  Photo ID required and each member must provide proof of current membership.

$10 Canadian fee – check made out to Bancroft Gem and Mineral Club for their museum.

Meet at the mine entrance at 8:30am. No late arrivals. Long Pants, hard hats, steel toed boots above ankle, eye protection, orange, green or yellow reflective safety vest required. Gloves are recommended. Use of power tools and micro blasters is not permitted.

Bring drinks and lunch.

Expect to find garnets, epidote (in calcite- you use acid to uncover it), quartz, pyrite, calcite, magnetite.

Suggest staying at Moonlight Motel in Havelock  or in Belleville the night before.

Questions, call Don Lapham at 716-438-3794 or 481-6438.


Buffalo Geological Society Picnic – September 17, 2016

The Buffalo Geological Society Picnic is September 17, 2016 at the North Forest Pavilion in Williamsville behind Tops on Main Street. It is a potluck but the club provides hot dogs, rolls and soft drinks.

It starts around 12:30, and we eat around 4pm. Bring a dish to share and your own cups, plates, silverware, table cloth. You can bring minerals and fossils to show, swap or sell and share great stories.

The Tops address is 5274 Main Street and Union in Williamsville- the BGS Picnic 2016 in on Forest just north of Main Street.

Buffalo Geological Society Auction – June 3, 2016

The Buffalo Geological Society Live Auction will be June 3, 2016. More details to follow.