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Fossil May Be Missing Link to T. Rex – March 15-2016

Fossil Link to T.Rex– click on the link

McDonald’s Fossil Prep Lab at Chicago Field Museum

The Chicago Field Museum has the McDonald’s Fossil Prep Lab where you can see Museum staff working to chip away stone to reveal nature’s treasure for scientific research.This working lab is fully equipped with tables that hold 2,000-pound rocks, microscopes, mini-jackhammers, mini-circular saws, and mini-sandblasters that shoot baking soda (strong enough to whittle away rock, soft enough to not damage precious fossils). A special exhaust system removes the resulting dust from the air.

See Sue’s gastralia, a group fossil bones so rare and unusual that scientists aren’t sure how they fit onto Sue’s skeleton. Among the most fragile of T. rex bones, they are most often incomplete, badly damaged, or missing altogether from fossil finds.

mcdonalds fossil prep lab at chicago field museum

Fossil Focus of the Month – Edrioasteroids

Having grown up in Cincinnati, on several occasions we found Edrioasteroids which are cool as they look like a starfish on a flat brachiopod. Specifically, it is  Isorophus cincinnatiensis on a Rafinesquina nasuta brachiopod. They generally lived on the bottom of the ocean and attached themselves to a hard object with the Rafinesquina being their favorite. Cincinnati has the Ordovician Layer which is about 450 million years old. Jan Barton

Edrioasteroid - Ohio