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BGS Newsletter- October, 2015

The BGS Newsletter for October, 2015 features the Walworth Quarry Open House for Mineral Collecting and the Schedule for the Geology Reading Group run by Joe Butch. BGS Newslette r- October 2015

BGS Newsletter – September, 2015

The BGS September Newsletter featured the September 4th meeting featuring Mark Castner speaking on Seismology in Buffalo, the Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Fall Festival on September 19th and the announcement that Jerry Bastedo, Executive Director of Penn Dixie is retiring. BGS Newsletter – September 2015


Buffalo Geological Society Newsletter for May, 2015

TheĀ  May BGS Newsletter features the new elected officers, upcoming events, the Banicks sales on May 23-25 and June 12-14, the banquet at Salvatores. BGS May Newsletter 2015