Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Flamboro Canada – September 16, 2016

Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Dufferin Aggregates Quarry in Flamboro Canada is September 16 at 8am. Escorted in and out of quarry so no late arrivals and will be exiting as a groups. All day to collect.

Located at 685 Brock Road, Dundas, Ontario,  Canada

Orange or Yellow Fluorescent Safety Vest or Shirt required. Hard hats, steel toed shoes, eye protection, long pants are required, gloves recommended. Gas power tools and saw are not allowed. Must be 18 or older. Food and drinks are recommended.

There will be a blast while we are on site at Noon. We must leave the quarry during this event. We will return once it is safe. There will not be collecting on the blast (normally a blast is very dusty and crystals hard to see anyway). They will be actively excavating the blast once it is safe anyway. Collecting is in stacked boulders on quarry floor; always lots to find there. We may stay till 3 or 4PM.

Expect to find sphalerite, fluorite, marcastite, galena, dolomite, selenite and calcite.

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