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BGS Reading Group – April 27 -8:45AM- Topic is Brachiopods

Geology Education Form Reading Group is April 27 at 8:45 AM a the Sweet Home Masonic Hall, 641 Sweet Home Road, Eggertsville. The topic will be brachiopods.

BGS Newsletter – May 2016

The Buffalo Geological Society Newsletter for May 2016 focused on the Banquet on May 6 at Classic V Restaurant, a field trip on May 7 to Penfield, the BGS Live Auction on June 3 and a a field trip on June 4 to Marmora.

BGS Newsletter-May 2016

Buffalo Geological Society Banquet- May 6, 2016- Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo Geological Society Banquet will be held May 6 at Classics V at 2425 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst. The cost this year to members is $20 with the remainder subsidized by the club. The speaker is Chris Amo focusing on African minerals and collection sites. The favors are BGS coffee mugs.

BGS Banquet 2016

LaFarge Will Indemnify Lockport If Blasts Hurts Waterline – April 14, 0216

Within the city limits, LaFarge promised to pay for repairs of any breaks in the city’s drinking water. Additionally the Common Council will vote next week on a special use permit to allow blasting on the current Hinman Road area until the company gets final permission for a new 200 acre quarry on the south side of Hinman Ave. Yeah Rock hunters! Blasting won’t begin until late summer at the earliest.

LaFarge Quarry 4-14-16

More info About the Future of the Lockport Quarry

Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip – May 7, 2016- Penfield NY

The Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Dolomite Products Quarry in Penfield NY is May 7, 2016. You must be a member to go on the field trip.

Expect to find  Calcite, Dolomite, Selenite, Fluorite, Sphalerite, Galena.


Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Aecon Quarry, Ontario – June 4, 2016

The Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Aecon Quarry, Marmora, Ontario is June 4 . You must be a member to go on the field trip and it is for those age 16+.  Photo ID required and each member must provide proof of current membership.

$10 Canadian fee – check made out to Bancroft Gem and Mineral Club for their museum.

Meet at the mine entrance at 8:30am. No late arrivals. Long Pants, hard hats, steel toed boots above ankle, eye protection, orange, green or yellow reflective safety vest required. Gloves are recommended. Use of power tools and micro blasters is not permitted.

Bring drinks and lunch.

Expect to find garnets, epidote (in calcite- you use acid to uncover it), quartz, pyrite, calcite, magnetite.

Suggest staying at Moonlight Motel in Havelock  or in Belleville the night before.

Questions, call Don Lapham at 716-438-3794 or 481-6438.


Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip – May 7, 2016- Penfield, NY

The Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Dolomite Products Quarry in Penfield NY is May 7, 2016. You must be a member to go on the field trip.Please drive in to the maintenance garage to sign the paperwork.

The quarry is located at 746 Whalen Rd., Penfield, NY. The quarry entrance is through a fence gate to the left just after passing the golf course on the right after turning onto Whalen from Browncroft Blvd.

Arrive between 6:30 and 6:45 AM for safety talk, dig from 7:00 AM to noon. Late arrivals are permitted but you must sign in. You may leave at any time.

Hard hats, steel toed shoes, safety glasses required,sledge hammers, rock hammers, chisels, pry bars, etc are recommended as this is hard rock breaking. Do not bring carpenter hammers as they can shatter.

Supervised children are permitted and may wear bicycle helmets (hard hats preferred) and sturdy shoes (no sneakers).

Expect to find  Calcite, Dolomite, Selenite, Fluorite, Sphalerite, Galena.

Questions, please contact Don Lapham at 716-438-3794 or 716-481-6438 24 hours before the dig.

Christie’s of London, England Auction of Meteorites- April 20, 2016

Christie’s of London, England Auction of Meteorites on April 20 at 2:30pm England Time (which is 10:30AM Buffalo time). You can Bid on-line so if you are intersted in meteorities, check it out. Cool to look at even if you aren’t interested in bidding.

christie's auction of meteorites - london england - april 20-2016

Awesome Sterling Hill Super Dig for Fluorescent Minerals – April 23, 2016

Going to the Sterling Hill Super Dig was #1 on my bucket list and having gone last year, it was awesome. With more limited mobility due to auto accident herniated discs, I wasn’t sure what to expect so this will give you some idea.

First, it has a nicely paved parking area with gift shop with a small casual food area with restrooms. So you will not have to bring food with you.

Second, you go down about 10 steps and there is a tent where you meet. You go about another 15 feet and there is a wide path area that has small boulders (3” to 18”) on both sides that  you can take into a nearby shed to see if they are fluorescent and if you want to keep them. You pay by the pound which is $1.50 per pound in 2016. So, even with limited mobility, you probably will be able to do this.

Third, they have a number of tours, and I went on four of them- the Trotter Tunnel (a walk but not hard), the Upper Mine and Mill Tour (have to walk up a hill and there are lots of steps in the Mill), the Tour of the Mine at night when you go through a tunnel and they have fluorescent lights which offer a spectacular color spectrum (you definitely want to do this and it is not strenuous) and the Fluorescent Wall on the side of a quarry.

Fourth, you can walk about ½ mile and go to the quarry area and pound away on rocks there. For the basic red and green, the piles near the entrance are better. You might find something different in the quarry.

Fifth, they have in early evening an area they put a tarp over and they unveil it, and it is fresh stuff that has not been looked over before. Definitely go to this as you can get great stuff.

Also they have great protective glasses under the tent for a very reasonable price. And, last year, I won  the grand prize, a fantastic battery operated fluorescent lamp worth $300 from Way Too Cool at W, 12 V). Phone – 602-547-2234. I was thrilled.

You need to register ahead of time because they only allow 200 people in and as of April 5, they have 131 people signed up. It is $20 – what a bargain for an amazing day!  You will need a hard hat, flash light and fluorescent light if you go out at night (otherwise you can use shed they have).To register and learn more.  Online registration closes April 19, and call and if there is room you can register there for $25.

I stayed at the Days In Budd Lake which was $67 and with tax $77.75 which was an ok place to stay that was affordable and relatively near 30 Plant Street in Ogdensburg, NJ where the Sterling Hill Mine is.

Jan Barton


Rochester Gem and Mineral Show – October 22-23, 2016- Rochester, NY

Rochester Gem and Mineral Show is October 22-23. Admission is $6 and kids 12 and under are free. On October 22 from 10am to 6pm and October 23 from 10am to 5pm. Features Crystals, Fossils, Jewelry, kid’s activiteis, demonstrations.