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Penn Dixie Announces New Executive Director

The Hamburg Natural History Society-Penn Dixie Board have hired Phil Stokes as their new Executive Director to replace Jerry Bastedo who served in this position for almost 13 years and previously as a co-founder and first President of the HNHS.

Phil grew up in WNY and completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees at SUNY at Buffalo Geology Department before working on his PH.D. in Geosciences with a minor in Teaching and Teacher Education at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

BGS Meeting – Loren Babcock Speaker- March 4, 2016- Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Geological Society Meeting on March 4 at 7:30pm will feature Loren Babcock speaking about the Preservation of Fossils in the Cambrian of the Great Basin. The talk will be about the spectacular, mostly spiny trilobites that we have been getting in recent years from the Cambrian of Utah, and their implications for understanding early Paleozoic marine ecosystems. FREE.

Meetings are held at Parkside Lutheran Church at Depew and Wallace Streets in Buffalo.

LaFarge Quarry Lockport- Update – March 11- Offers Bond to City If Water Pipline Affected

March 11 – Lockport requested permission to apply for state grant that would pay part of the cost of replacing the brittle last 2 miles of the city’s century old drinking water supply line from the Niagara River. The grant would cover $2 of 5 million with the remainder being borrowed on a 30-year bond.

LaFarge Quarry indicated that would cover 600 feet of the 2 miles with a bond and are making a presentation to the Council next month. Alderman Abbott indicated they have to replace the waterline whether LaFarge is there or not. Based on this, things are looking up (opinion) that LaFarge will eventually be able to explore expanding on the other side of Hinman Ave. LaFarge Quarry March 11-2016

February 12LaFarge Quarry in Lockport is offering a bond to the City of Lockport if its blasting ruptures the water supply pipeline when it extends its operation across the street from its current location.

The City’s engineering firm, GHD will report to the Council on the issue in two weeks. However, the counsel said that city will not settle for LaFarge putting up repair money – the parts and pipe would have to be on site and the city would have to be sure it has 24 to 72 hours of water on hand.  The extension on the south side of Hinman Road is critical if the quarry is to remain open.

LaFarge Quarry – Lockport– Buffalo News Article of Feb 12