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Buffalo Geological Society Field Trip to Lockport, NY- November 15, 2015

The Buffalo Geological Society will have a field trip to the LaFarge Quarry in Lockport, NY on November 15 .

Please arrive by 8:30 AM to sign paperwork and attend safety lecture. We will enter the quarry at 9:00 AM. No late arrivals are permitted. You may leave at any time.

The quarry is located at 400 Hinman Ave., Lockport, NY just south of the intersection of Rte. 93 and Rte 31. The quarry entrance is west of the intersection of Rte. 93 and the Erie Canal. Please drive in to the parking area before the office building.

Hard hats, steel toed shoes, eye protection, and long pants are required. Gloves are recommended. Gas powered saws are not allowed.

Sledge hammers, rock hammers, chisels, pry bars, etc are recommended as this is hard rock breaking. Do not bring carpenter hammers as they can shatter. We will drive into the quarry. Food and drinks are recommended.

Expect to find crystals of Calcite, Dolomite, Selenite, Sphalerite and possibly Celestite and Fluorite also few fossils have been found. The quarry continues to blast in the good area in the old pit along Hinman Ave.

Questions, please contact Don Lapham at 716-438-3794 or 716-481-6438 24 hours before the dig.

BGS Newsletter – November, 2015

The  Buffalo Geological Society Newsletter for November, 2015 features the Carl Brett Presentation at the meeting discussing trilobites. BGS Newslette r-November 2015

BGS Newsletter- October, 2015

The BGS Newsletter for October, 2015 features the Walworth Quarry Open House for Mineral Collecting and the Schedule for the Geology Reading Group run by Joe Butch. BGS Newslette r- October 2015

BGS Newsletter – September, 2015

The BGS September Newsletter featured the September 4th meeting featuring Mark Castner speaking on Seismology in Buffalo, the Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Fall Festival on September 19th and the announcement that Jerry Bastedo, Executive Director of Penn Dixie is retiring. BGS Newsletter – September 2015