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Ruth and Bruce Banicks Mineral and Fossil Sale – June 12-14, 2015

The Banicks are having a super mineral and fossil sale on June 12-14 from 9am to 5pm at 3811 Schintzius Road in East Eden, NY. They have 150 flats of minerals, exhibit cases, 2-3 cup sphere machines and spheres, carving material, rough agate, minerals and fossils.

(FYI – it is also both of their birthdays on June 14th)

Call 992-3117 for more info.


BGS Field Trip -Herkimer Diamond Dig at Hickory Hill – May 21-25, 2015

May 21 through May 25, Hickory Hill Herkimer Diamond Mine in Fonda, NY is open for collecting (only twice a year).Hickory Hill is a fee to collect per day site, children are welcome and no hard hats or steel toed shoes required. Digging in soil or hard rock are available. No power tools allowed. Bring insect repellant and sun screen as the site is in as clearing in the woods.

For those interested some of us are staying at the Holiday Inn JOHNSTOWN-GLOVERSVILLE,  308 North Comrie Ave, Johnstown, NY 12095-1095. Other motels are also located in Johnstown, Amsterdam and Canajoharie, NY.

The site is located south of Hickory Hill Rd. just west of the intersection of Hickory Hill and Barker Rd.

Herkimer Diamond


Explore and More – Rocks and Geology – July 1, 2015- East Aurora, NY

Explore and More Children’s Museum will explore rocks and geology on July 1 afrom 11am to 3pm. Cost is $5. Located at 300 Gleed Street, East Aurora. Questions – call 655-5131.

explore and more rocks and geology july 2015 east aurora ny

Fossil Dig With Experts at Penn Dixie – May 16, 2015 – Blasdell, NY

Dig with the Experts at Penn Dixie is May 16 from 9am to 4pm. It is a fossil dig with folks from the Cincinnati Dry Dredgers members, Dan Cooper, Don Bissett and Matt Phillips. It costs $25 for Penn Dixie members and $30 for non-members. Each year they excavate a new area with fresh layers of the Smokes Creek trilobite layer so it is a fantastic time to hunt. Call 716-627-4560 to register.dig with the experts at penn dixie may 2015 blasdell ny


Long-Necked Dinosaurs from Utah – Penn Dixie- May 15, 2015- Blasdell, NY

Joe Kochdl, “Paleo Joe” will present an illustrated lecture with specimens on Long-necked Dinosaurs from Utah on May 15 at 7pm the the Penn Dixie meeting in the Gateway Executive Office, 3556 Lake Shore Road, Blasdell. Open to the Public and the cost is $5, free for Penn Dixie members.

He describes the Utah dig site where they have discovered 11 long-necked dinosaurs – ALL TEENAGERS – and hear what happened to them 155 million years ago. Learn about the myths and legends surrounding these behemoths and what has been discovered using modern scientific techniques and study. How did they live, what did they eat, how did they survive so many millions of years ago. Why were they so successful for so long? Learn about the environment they lived in and some of the habits of these gentle giants.

Long-Necked Dinosaurs from Utah - Penn Dixie- May 15, 2015- Blasdell, NY

East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show- August 7-9, 2015 – Springfield, MA

East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show with over 200 vendors is August 7-9 at the  Better Living Center at 1305 Memorial Avenue in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Admission is $6 and kids 12 and under are free with an adult. $5/day to park.

August 7 and 8 – 10am to 6pm

August 9 – 10am to 5pm

About 200 retail and wholesale vendors are on-site who sell mineral specimens, fossils, gemstones, beads, jewelry, meteorites, crystals, geodes, decorator items, and lapidary supplies and equipment. One of the highlights of the show each year is a special exhibitor showing off his or her finds.

Every child attending the show gets a free mineral specimen, and kids of all ages can select an inexpensive geode and watch as it is cracked open to reveal never-before-seen crystals. For a small fee, kids can pan for gemstones and fossils.

Visitors of all ages can bring their “unknown” minerals for free identification. And for those who want to continue their learning about nature’s geo-treasures, there are free lectures on topics related to rocks and minerals offered every day.

East Coast Gem Mineral and Fossil Show 2015 - Springfield MA


Fluorite is a beautiful mineral because of its color and clarity and is found in clear, brown, green, and purple, blue, yellow, and even white and black colors. It can also be made into  beautiful jewelry and carvings.

Locally, it has been found in Walworth, Dundas and Penfield quarries and is generally clear or brown but has on occasion been found in green and light blue.

Fluorite  can offer perfect cleavage parallel to the octahedral faces and can be often peeled off to a perfect octahedron.It is the only mineral has that four directions of perfect cleavage.

It also can fluoresce and the word “fluorescent” is derived from the mineral fluorite. It was named in 1797 by Carlo Napione from the Latin, fluere-to flow for its use as a flux. Most specimens produce a blue-purple glow under short or long wave light with a few cream or white. Most specimens do not fluoresce.

Fluorite is composed of calcium and fluorine – CaF2- and is used in chemical metallurgical and ceramic processes.

From a metaphysical perspective it provides protection and peace and helps eliminate negative energy and creates mental clarity.

Buffalo Geological Society Picnic – August 1, 2015 -Williamsville, NY

The Buffalo Geological Society Picnic is August 1 at the North Forest Pavilion in Williamsville behind Tops on Main Street. It is a potluck but the club provides hot dogs, rolls and soft drinks.

It starts around 12:30, and we eat around 4pm. Bring a dish to share and your own cups, plates, silverware, table cloth. You can bring minerals and fossils to show, swap or sell and share great stories.

The Tops address is 5274 Main Street and Union in Williamsville- the BGS Picnic 2015 in on Forest just north of Main Street.




Buffalo Geological Society Newsletter for May, 2015

The  May BGS Newsletter features the new elected officers, upcoming events, the Banicks sales on May 23-25 and June 12-14, the banquet at Salvatores. BGS May Newsletter 2015

Buffalo Geological Society Banquet at Salvatores – May 1, 2015

The Buffalo Geological Society banquet this year had 104 attendees at Salvatores and Dr. Rick Batt did an awesome presentation on the geology and scenery of Australia and New Zealand.